About Us

Rainpower Ltd, based in the South West of Ireland is involved in the development and management of small hydropower schemes.  With over twenty years of experience in the industry our team of experts can provide you with a complete solution to all aspects of  electricity generation using hydropower from an initial desk top survey to full design, construction, commissioning and management.

Approximately 70 per cent of the earths surface is covered in water, a resource that has been harnessed for many thousands of years. Early uses date back to Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt where irrigation was used as early as the 6th millennium B.C and water clocks were used since the 2nd millennium BC. Turbines use the weight of falling water to convert energy into mechanical power. A generator is then used to convert the mechanical power to electrical energy.

During the 19th century while in competition with coal fired steam engines, hydropower became increasingly more efficient. Today the industry uses highly advanced and efficient systems that generate electricity from falling water. Defined as an installed capacity of up to 10Mw, small hydro is crucial to electricity production in many countries world wide.

Hydropower is one of the most reliable and cost effective methods used to generate electricity. At Rainpower our experience in the small hydropower sector enables us to offer the customer an efficient tailored package that provides a steady and secure source of electricity. Our expert team can design a system to suit most customers requirements

At Rainpower we provide the customer with a clean, sustainable and emission free source of renewable energy generated from a renewable indigenous resource using highly efficient, proven and reliable technologies.