Site Survey and Feasibility

The initial survey of a potential site is one of the most important steps on the road to creating a successful hydro electric power station. At Rainpower we use special computer software to carry out detailed desk top surveys of potential sites. We also carry out local site visits as required.

Each site is different and if after the initial site survey the site is found to have potential we will produce a detailed feasibility study in order to evaluate weather the site will be economically viable for development. This process normally includes discussions with landowners and electricity wholesales

Planning Application

On verifying that a particular site is viable for development  the next stage in the process is to apply for planning permission to construct the system itself. At Rainpower we have extensive experience in producing these applications which, depending on the site, may contain an Environmental Impact Assessment, an Environmental Impact Statement, Archaeological Assessment, Engineers Report and extensive discussions with the local fisheries board.

Complete Site Design

On receiving planning permission to go ahead and construct, Rainpower will undertake a complete site design and construction plan. The principal elements in the design are the water intake, pipeline, turbine, electrical equipment, power house design and return to the main channel.

Construction and Commissioning

Once the design of the overall station is complete it is time to begin construction. Rainpower employs specialist construction teams with many years of experience in hydro power developments for its construction requirements. A typical construction time would be nine months start to finish.

Site Management and Operation

On completion of the commissioning process it is possible for the customer to retain our expertise for the on going management, maintenance and operation of the facility.